Your Invitation To Receive Lamp’s Advent Devotions

Lamp Adventbook1Rev. Ken Klaus writes,

When I was asked to write the introduction for this year’s LAMP devotional, I jumped at the opportunity. That is because, having been on the Lutheran Hour radio broadcast for more than a decade, I was conscious of the many similarities between my work and that which is being done by the men and women of LAMP. Curious? Let me explain… First, we both use the airwaves to share the Savior’s story of salvation. Granted, the airwaves used by a radio broadcast and a LAMP airplane are different; but both ministries need the air and the miracles of modern technology to get the Messiah’s message out to those who need to hear it.

Second, we share the Savior’s story of salvation with people who are in places far off the beaten track. Indeed, many of the places which hear our proclamation of the Gospel have names which are unfamiliar and difficult for most people to pronounce.

Third, the success of our work is entirely dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit and the care of people like yourself who support the Lord’s work with your prayers, your time and your gifts.

If anyone were to ask, “Are there any differences between the Lutheran Hour and LAMP, I would be forced to confess, there is one great dissimilarity. While I, working from a studio, never get to see the faces of those to whom I am speaking, the folks of LAMP are in close and personal contact with their people. This Advent booklet shares some of their stories on how God’s Son has touched those who have heard the story of His sacrifice… as well as the LAMP folk who did the sharing.

It is my prayer that those stories will touch you as they have moved me. To that end, I encourage regular use of this booklet, and faithful support of the LAMP ministry which it brings to your attention.

There are 3 ways to receive LAMP Advent Devotions:

  1. Receive the link to download the Advent Devotions for printing.
  2. Pre-register to receive a daily email of each day’s devotion. (Devotions will be emailed starting December 1.)
  3. Request a printed copy of the 2013 Advent Devotion booklet online by email: or phone 1-800-307-4036.
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