World Refugee Day — June 20, 2016

refugees2Canadian Lutheran World Relief reminds us that World Refugee Day is June 20th:

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds of refugees in camps and settlements in places like Jordan, Ethiopia and Uganda. What strikes me as we talk, usually through a translator, is how similar these men, women and children are to Canadians. Their lives were routine, often they are educated with a steady income, children in school, with bright plans for the future. Then all of a sudden life changes. Conflict, danger and even persecution disrupt their lives and they have to flee to safety, many times encountering on their journey the very danger from which they are escaping! And then they have to begin again in a strange land and difficult environment.

As I watched the recent evacuation of Ft. McMurray I couldn’t help but think of the parallels between the refugees assisted by CLWR and those who were escaping the dangerous forest fires. They fled danger leaving everything behind but, unlike so many of the world’s 60 million refugees, they could return home.

On Monday, June 20 CLWR along with relief agencies around the world will observe World Refugee Day – one day in the year when we invite people to try to understand what it’s like to leave a familiar home and have to exist day-to-day not knowing what is coming next and often trying to forget a dangerous journey to safety.

We’ve gathered some resources, activity ideas, and stories at to help you observe this special day with us. Under the three-word theme PRAY. LEARN. GIVE we invite you to participate, learn about what it means to be a refugee and how you can help with your prayers and gifts.

Donate to CLWR’s refugee worldwide efforts.

Note: the administrator for “Go!” is a member of the CLWR Board of Directors.

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