Witness Workshops Galore!

ROC WinnipegThe REACH OUT CANADA conference, planned for July 5-7, 2013 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is offering 14 practical witness workshops, in addition to the main speakers on stage!   Here is a listing of some of the workshops offered during the first workshop session. You are encouraged to click on the previous link to see what other workshops will be offered.

Pop-Culture Today: What’s God got to do with it? Presenter: Mathew Block (Communications Manager of Lutheran Church-Canada, Editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine)

Description: Christians in North America are inundated with Hollywood movies, internet videos, best-selling books, and countless new songs. Wherever we go, pop-culture is there. It’s on the radio in our cars. It’s on our televisions at home and on our computers. It’s on the smartphones we’re carrying in our pockets. As Christians, we’re called to think critically about the culture we’re immersed in. So what’s God got to do with pop-culture? Come and find out-and in the process find out how pop-culture can be a tool for sharing your faith with others.

Growing Your Outreach Efforts Even When Your Community Shrinks Presenter: Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer, (Executive Assistant-Outreach, ABC District)

Description: Today many people live in shrinking cities, towns and suburban communities. Similarly, many congregations are declining numerically. Applying concepts from William Bridges’ best-selling book, Managing Transitions, the presenter will discuss how God’s people can respond to community shrinkage and actually grow their outreach efforts.

Bridging Cultural Differences to Share the Gospel Presenter: Rev. Leonardo Neitzel  (Assistant to the President for Missions and Social Ministry Services, LCC)

Description: For participants this is an interactive workshop examining the challenges and opportunities faced in confessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the faith in a diverse cultural and ethnical environment. Rev. Neitzel will focus on the Christ-centered biblical-theological foundation of cross-cultural mission adding his personal experience as a missionary for many years. Participants will be blessed and encouraged with practical

Sharing the Faith in Everyday Activities … or … Be Ready for the Question, “Why? Presenter: Rev. Larry Gajdos, (Mission Executive East District)

Description: Workshop attendees will discover new ways to shine the light of Christ, wherever they find themselves. They will discover how they are uniquely positioned in the world to do the work God would have them do, in any and all circumstances. The apostle Paul said it best: “We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). This workshop will offer encouragement and insight to participants, so they can always be ready to answer the question, “Why?” and give the reason for the hope they have inside.

For information about additional workshops, keynote speakers, hotel accommodations, and transportation for ROC – Winnipeg, please visit: ROC – Winnipeg.

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