Why “The Bible Says So” Is Not Enough Anymore — by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley writes in an article, “Why ‘The Bible Says So’ Is Not Enough Anymore” offers some interesting challenges as Christians strive to share God’s Word in today’s North American context. Stanley writes,

As I explain in Deep and Wide and Communicating for a Change, I approach a message series like a single, two- or three-hour message divided into four or five parts. I’m comfortable with tension, unanswered questions and leaving people hanging. Not everybody is.

But to recap, yes, I believe the Bible is without error in everything it affirms. Yes, my approach to preaching is not traditional. Yes, my approach at times leaves those outside our local congregations wondering if I’m still an evangelical. So in light of all that, along with the fact that here I am once again having to explain myself, shouldn’t I consider changing my approach?


Actually, I would like you to consider changing yours.

Here’s why.

The world has changed.

The approach most of us inherited doesn’t work anymore. Actually, it’s never worked all that well. In a culture that had high regard for the Bible, the traditional approach held its own. Those days are over. They’ve been over for a long time. If you think I’m using culture as an excuse to maintain a flawed hermeneutical approach, consider this.

To read Stanley’s article in its entirety, click on: “Not Enough Anymore.”

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