Why America Needs More Missionaries

North America 2The Association of North American Missions has an interesting article entitled, “Why America Needs More Missionaries.”   Dollie Harvey writes, ”

In this Brave New World of tolerance, relativism, and skepticism, “missions” has gained a negative connotation.  Many of us at MGF, when asked what we do, are met with shocked expressions when we explain we are a “missionary” to the Hindus, Sikhs, Mormons, Buddhists . . . or any other false religion to which God has called us to minister.

“But they have their own religion,” often comes the argument.  “What gives you the right to convert them?”  Mormons seem to think it is perfectly normal for them to send out 60,000 young missionaries to convert Christians to Mormonism, but for us to do the reverse is simply unimaginable to them.  Likewise, Islam has over 35,000 active missionaries in the US winning people to their religion (and thousands more in Europe), but Christians are not allowed to even speak of Christianity in their homelands.

In obeying Christ’s Great Commission to go and teach all nations, we are not trying to “tear down someone else’s religion”.  We are pointing people to Jesus Christ, who we believe to be “the way, the truth, and the life,” – the only Savior.

To read the entire article by Dollie Harvey, click here.

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