Why A Church in a Laundromat? — Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri

Why would there be a church in a laundromat? Why would a missionary come from Venezuela to the United States? In the country from which Rev. German Novelli came, faith in God and love of family were high priorities. laundryBoth provided safety and comfort. When he came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he found these two things so essential to a blessed life in Venezuela were not high on the list of many Americans – even those who came from other cultures in Latin America where faith and family were also important. He found this challenge the first time he invited Miguel to worship.

The first time the missionary invited him, Miguel politely refused because “He had to go to the laundromat.” I suppose this is a take on the excuse some of us may have heard when being turned down for a date, “Sorry – I have to wash my hair.” So, what did Missionary Novelli do?

He persevered. At first he thought of offering to start a church in the laundromat where Miguel went on Sunday mornings.

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