Which Multiplication Model Should You Use for Starting New Churches?

church planting 2Rev. Dr. Peter Meier, the Executive Director of the Center for US Missions, has an interesting that highlights the myriad of ways that communities of faith can be born and be missional in nature.¬† He rightly points out that the term “church planting” needs to be deconstructed and a reconstruction of the term needs to take place “which understands that there are multiple types and models of “new starts” or “new church reproduction” or “church planting” or “church multiplication.”

Meier writes,

Often when we talk about ‘church planting,’ people immediately think of brick and mortar, or land and building. ‘Where will the new church be?’ is an often-asked question. Behind this question is the implication that land, buildings and a preconceived model of church plant are involved. Most often, this is not the case.

Maier identifies at least 25 different church planting¬†models. To read Meier’s article, please click on: Mission Moments Dec 2015.

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