“We’re All in This Together” — Rev. Gregory Seltz

Rev. Gregory Seltz, the speaker for The Lutheran Hour, comments on the importance of every follower of Jesus being engaged in serving their Lord. He writes,

The universal priesthood was the truth that ALL BELIEVERS HAVE UNIQUE SERVICE TO RENDER TO OTHERS IN CHRIST. It was misunderstood in Luther’s time as something only certain Christians could do. Today it is often misunderstood as an issue of ‘who gets to be in charge.’ Those ideas miss the point entirely because all ministry is an opportunity to serve those that God has brought into your life, on God’s terms, in the various vocations where He has placed us all. That is exciting indeed!

What an incredible thing, then, to be resources by Jesus, led by Jesus, empowered by His Word, and then placed in ‘callings’ that might seem merely as regular, ordinary stations in life. But, now IN CHRIST, they are part of a believer’s priestly service to those God brings into your life. That means that each day, every aspect of our lives is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ to be His ambassador of a gracious, eternal life to anyone and everyone we meet.

Priestly service, it starts with our families, our spouses, our children. It starts in our places of work, the communities in which we live. All those places that seem so ordinary now, because we are Christ’s people THERE, they are part of Christ’s spiritual service to others through YOU.

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From: “We’re All in This Together!” The Lutheran Layman (Jan-Feb. 2017, p. 4)

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