Vancouver Island Has Highest Assisted Death Rate in Canada

The Interim: Canada’s Life and Family Newspaper (November 2018, p 6) reports,

An official Island Health report shows that Vancouver Island has a rate of assisted suicide and euthanasia five times higher than the national average.

David Robertson, Island Health’s executive medical director for medical assistance in dying, co-authored the report with Rosanne Beuthin, and they found that in the first two years of legal euthanasia, 3.6 per cent of all deaths on the island were the result of assisted suicide or euthanasia. Nationally, the average is less than one per cent. Robertson told the Victoria Times-Colonist that in the last six months, the rate is now four per cent.

A total of 504 individuals were killed by euthanasia or assisted suicide in the two years following the June 17, 2016 legalization of ‘medical assistance in dying (MAID).

The report noted that it took 15 years for the euthanasia rate to hit 3.9 per cent after the Netherlands legalized the practice.

To read the rest of the article, get a copy of The Interim (November 2018).

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