Unleashing the Gospel through Bible “Translation”

In the following sermon, Dr. Glenn Schaeffer explains that Bible translation unleashes the power of the Gospel into people’s lives.  Martin Luther knew this truth and therefore he worked to translate God’s Word into the German language so that all German people might be able to read and hear of God’s love in their “heart” language.  

Bible translation includes the tasks of 1. Translating the Bible into the language of the target audience; 2. Teaching people in that target audience to read the language; and 3.  Putting the Scripture into formats (e.g. Proclaimers, contextual musical formats, etc.) that will ensure that the newly translated Scripture will be utilizied by as many people as possible.

Dr. Schaeffer observers that not all of us will be sent “over there” to serve as translators but all of us are sent as “translators” to people we know who do not yet believe in Christ as their Saviour.  We are sent by the Lord to speak the Gospel in a manner that is “understandable” to them. In so doing, the power of the Gospel is unleashed.

Dr. Schaeffer’s sermon (on the left side of the page scroll down to and click on “sermons”) was recorded on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at Redeemer Lutheran Church ,Waterloo.  The sermon was recorded in such a way that Dr. Schaeffer is speaking very quickly with little breaks between ideas … so listen attentively!

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