Unborn Children Need You!

Lutherans for LifeTo borrow a thought from David Scaer, “An unborn child has no more rights than a set of tonsils.” (CTQ 77 (2013): p. 213.) This is certainly true in Canada where abortion is just another surgical procedure.   Sadly, more than 3 million babies have been aborted in Canada since 1969, that is more than 115,000 a year or 315 boys or girls a day! And yet, there is hardly a whimper by the media and society are at large, including most Christians.  Compare for example, the media coverage of about 300 people dying on the South Korean ferry disaster or the political outcry of the girls kidnapped in Nigeria (both tragedies to be sure!) to the response of the media, the politicians and church leaders to the abortion holocaust.

Who will speak for the rights of the silenced voices of these unborn children?  Will we allow our voices to be silenced in the name of “tolerance” which is being used to leverage everybody into relativism and as an instrument to change Christian churches into silent cowards? Christians muted on the matter of abortion by fear, timidity, indifference or apathy, do well to remember the warning of Dante:  “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” (Dante, Inferno)

Lutherans for Life — Canada provides Lutheran Christians with the opportunity to let the voice of the unborn be heard in congregations and communities.  LFL-C is recruiting people to serve as Life Ministry Coordinators in their local congregations. Simply put: a Life Ministry Coordinator is someone who organizes a Life Sunday and Bible studies on life issues, makes pro-life material available to congregational members, and who recruits people to participate in Life Chains or the annual March for Life.

If you are interested in being a Life Ministry Coordinator, visit: Lutherans for Life — Canada.

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