Two Approaches to Church Revitalization — Scott Gress

A pretty common challenge among churches has to do with the number of people in the pews on Sunday morning. In the words of a sainted mentor of mine from years ago, “there is more wood than people” meaning there is a lot more of the pew that is visible than there are people who sit in those pews. Ouch. The statistics bear that out with less people coming less often than in previous years and generations. The numbers of people leaving and the number of churches struggling or closing are sobering.

So what is the answer? How can we turn things around and “revitalize” the church? Many church members, leaders and pastors love their church with all of its quirks. But when they finally admit that the church membership is getting older, with less in attendance and less offerings to go around, they know they have to do something. But what? What can be done to turn this thing around? There are usually two approaches.

To read the rest of Scott’s article, visit: Two Approaches to Church Revitalization.

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