Training Children as Missionaries

C.F.W. Walther says that “Through Holy Baptism each Christian has received not only the authority, power and right, but also the high and holy obligation to do his part that others may be brought to Christ. … Each Christian is a missionary.” 

Children who have experienced the baptism of regeneration are “ordained” as missionaries.  The comment is often made that children make the best witnesses or missionaries because they are not inhibited to tell other people about Jesus Christ.   

Have you considered providing a witness training program for children so that they are more skilled at sharing the message of Scripture with other people? Evangelism Explosion International has created an in-depth evangelism training course for children (ages 8-13) called, Kids’ EE.  It is a “visual, interactive approach” developed by “children’s ministry leaders who worked with children to find out what the children responded to.” Teacher kits are available for $239.00. 

The Kids’ EE website also has free resources that can be downloaded.  One of the more helpful free PDF resources provides a number of “Scripture learning activities.”     

One suggestion is to use this resource to train children in your congregation to be evangelists while at the same time using XEE to train their parents (and other members) to be evangelists.

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