Tired of Sunday-only ‘churchianity’?

Tired of Sunday-only ‘churchianity’? Want to transition your group or church from Sunday-only engagement to everyday mission and discipleship?

Verge is offering a Master Class to assist you in this process.

What’s in this Master Class?

  • A 6-Module Course Designed To Guide You Through Transitioning From Sunday-only ‘Churchianity’ to Everyday Mission and Discipleship
  • Field-tested Processes For Transitioning to Become a Missional People
  • Simple Methods For Transitioning Your Church, Leaders, Metrics and Culture
  • The entire course is based on field-tested and biblical principles for transitioning.
  • You’ll get a proven process for helping you identify exactly where to start, but better yet…where NOT to invest your energy and efforts.
    Identify the areas your group or church needs to transition and exactly how your leaders, church, culture, and metrics need to change.
  • Don’t waste your time focusing on the wrong methods – find out exactly which methods will help your leaders, church and culture transition. Learn the 3 methods of transitioning… and how to leverage each for your context.
    Find out more at: Masterclass.
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