THRED Ministry Launches: It’s Time for Dialogue About Faith and Life — Not a Shouting Match

THRED is Lutheran Hour Ministry’s new digital outreach project. THRED is a place to go for open, honest conversation about life and faith — and Jesus. Blog-style posts and in-depth articles cover an array of topics (e.g. marriage, God, Faith, etc.). Visitors are encouraged to join conversations that begin in thought-pieces whose titles include, “What’s My Convenience Worth?” “Making Peace with a Violent World,” “The Day I Accidently Rejected Christ.”

THRED is more than conversation. Participants will be able to join online interest groups to explore ideas at greater depth with THRED volunteers who interact from a Christian viewpoint.

THRED also has a number of videos in which people with a variety of viewpoints discuss Jesus.  These videos can serve as a great discussion starter in your church Bible study group, especially, if you are tired of hearing “canned” answers and you are genuinely interested in sharing your Christian faith with others.

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