The Voice of the Martyrs presents “Solitary Refinement”

Solitary Refinement is a touring stage play that “powerfully highlights the testimonial account of best-selling author Richard Wurmbrand, the international founder of The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), and his real-life experiences while serving as a pastor of Romania’s underground church during the Communist regime. It especially focusses on his many years of imprisonment — including an extended period of solitary confinement — that was transformed by his cellmate: Jesus Christ.” (VOM Canada, August 2017, p. 6)

The article continues, “‘We gradually put together a way of storytelling that emerged through the prison walls,’ Hassell explains. ‘Oh, and also humour … It’s not a horror story, but rather a ‘journey of joy.’ God wins!’ After all, it was during Pastor Wurmbrand’s 14-year imprisonment — most especially his time in solitary confinement — that some of the most empowering truths were discovered.” (Ibid. p. 7)

This theatrical production is touring across Canada as of September 2017.  The play is 75 minutes in length for audiences ages 13+ and admission is free (but contributions will be gratefully accepted). To find local performances and regional tour dates or to enquire about hosting a performance, visit: Solitary Refinement.

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