The Testimony of a Convert from Hinduism — Please Pray for all Hindus to Convert to Christianity

VoiceGod’s Spirit continues to bring people to faith in the true God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — by the power of God’s Word. Here is the testimony of a former Hindu man who is now, by God’s grace, a brother in Christ!

I was raised a Hindu and, after leaving school, my life became terrible.  I was a violent thief and addicted to alcohol. One day a Christian came to our village and preached. I scolded him until he cried, and I forced him to leave.

One day someone stole all the money I had made from my career as a thief.  It made me feel terrible … When I realized what I had done to so many people, I fell into a deep depression and decided my life was so worthless that I should take poison and kill myself.

After digesting the poison, I fell asleep and had a dream in which a group of people stood in my way and said, ‘You cannot escape from the Lord. Read and believe the Bible!’ I didn’t die from the poison and, the next day, I went to the preacher I had scolded and apologized. He prayed for me and gave me a Bible. I became a Christian that day and was baptized! Now I’m living in a remote area where I serve Jesus among an unreached tribe.

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada newsletter, February 2016, page 5.)

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would convert many more Hindus (and other adherents of false religions) to faith in Jesus Christ.  Pray for the Christian missionaries and lay people living and working among them.

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