The SoulThirst Network for Church Planters

From the SoulThrist website:

SoulThirst Network Explained…

The SoulThirst Network exists to develop Competent and Courageous missional leaders for the American mission field. Here’s why…

Today’s America is a GIANT, THIRSTING MISSION FIELD. Each day we find a smaller percentage of the American population connected to the Savior Jesus, or a Savior-focused church home. Out of the 195 countries on the planet, America now ranks as the 3rd largest mission field in the entire world. Recent statistics also show that 245 MILLION Americans are now disconnected from an active faith journey in the Savior Jesus. We’ve got to quit turning a blind eye to the truth…the America of today is a VAST, THIRSTING mission field!

Traditionally, American Christians and congregations have engaged foreign mission fields with great zeal and creativity. They did so because they understood that bringing the truth of Jesus to those living void of a relationship with Him is of utmost importance. Now that America has become a VAST mission field, isn’t it imperative that we bring the truth and love of the Savior to those right here in our own communities? Of course it is. So, just like missionaries in foreign mission fields use ANY EFFECTIVE AND RELEVANT MEANS POSSIBLE to reach out with the Savior’s truth, we American missionaries and missional churches should do the same.

SoulThirst offers church planting bootcamps and a network of support.

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