The Rwandan Christian Church Facing Challenge of Addressing Building Codes

The Rwandan government is requiring churches to meet certain building regulations (e.g. bathrooms, parking, painted walls, etc.) or close until the building standards are met. These requirements create difficulties for many churches in Rwanda because many of the church goers are impoverished.  According to a BBC news report, some pastors are defying the requirements and are being put in jail.

A Rwandan pastor I know has had seven of his eleven congregations closed because of these building code requirements. He writes, “We are in need of cement, stones and other building materials.”  Repairs and upgrades cost between $8,000.00 to $10,000.00. The materials for a new building cost about $25,000.00. Some of these upgrades need to be completed in the next two months. The pastor continues, “We need prayers before God and we have faith and hope [that God] will help for these needs.”

Pray the Lord provides the resources needed for God’s people in Rwanda to satisfy the building regulations so that their congregations can be reopened. Pray they will find a way to continue to minister to one another and their communities in the interim.

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