The Missionary Dream by Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri

In a recent Mission Nation blog posting, Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri tells the story of Kasongo Gui Kabeo:Mission

When Kasongo Gui Kabeo left the Democratic Republic of The Congo in Africa, he had no idea he would become a missionary to America.

A revolution in the country forced him and his family to leave. Because he was well educated, with degrees in finance and banking, he thought he would come to America and make a lot of money; but today his prophets are of a different kind.

One of the banks he was working with helped Kasongo and his family settle in Chicago. He immediately began looking for work in finance. While he was job hunting the Lord opened another door. Kasongo, a mature Christian, organized a Bible study in his apartment for his family. More than 230 languages are used in the Congo, but because French is spoken by more than 80% of people the Bible studies were in French.

Kasongo led the studies, and, because he is a gifted teacher and leader, more Africans started coming. Soon there were more than forty and the Bible study was moved to space in a local church.

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