The Introverted Evangelist

introverted evangelistIs “introverted evangelist” an oxymoron?  Can you be in introvert and an evangelist? In his article, “The Introverted Evangelist” Seth McBee observes that introverts make effective evangelists when they use their unique God-given gifts and personality traits.  McBee states, “However, in the body of Christ, not everyone fits this extrovert mold, yet people think this is how all followers of Jesus must be and live. We must stop calling everyone to be an extrovert evangelist and allow people, specifically introverts, to live out the identity of evangelist and missionary in the way God has made them.”

McBee posits some points for pastors and lay leaders to ponder:

    • Being an introvert and staying an introvert is not a sin. Many put this on others and in return introverts can feel very alienated and burdened to do what others (read extroverts or functional extroverts) are doing. Allow the introvert to be exactly who God has made them to be, an introvert
    • Do not try to make an introvert an extrovert. This is not your calling. Your calling is not to make everyone in your church look like you or act like you. If this was the case, everyone else on the planet could die and you could take over as king of the world. God has made his body different on purpose, including introverts and extroverts
    • Having introverts in your church is not the same as having immature believers or wolves in sheep’s clothing. It seems as though most of us have treated introverts as though they were a disease that needed a cure, instead of image bearers of God created by him for his purpose. Know God’s creation is beautiful, purposeful, and should be celebrated not degraded.
    • Being an introvert does not exclude them from the mission. Do not allow introverts to use their design as a crutch. Instead, shed light into how God is going to use them. Allow them to, and lead them into, what it might look like to be on mission as an introvert.

How does a person lead and encourage an introvert to be an introverted evangelist? You are encouraged to read the rest of McBee’s article, “The Introverted Evangelist.”

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