“The Fatal Flaw of Planning” by Rev. Scott Gress

Rev. Scott Gress provides some thoughts on how congregational leadership teams can avoid fatal flaws related to congregational planning. He writes,

As fall is just around the corner, there are a number of things that are coming into focus for those who lead churches: fall programing. There is Sunday School that may need to start up in late August or Early September (assuming you have children in your congregation). That means recruiting and training teachers, promoting the classes to parents and children, organizing rally day and so on. You may be planning a special emphasis for the fall such as a stewardship, a new Bible class or ramping up those same old activities like you always have every fall. Perhaps there is a Fall festival, or something special for the 500th anniversary of the reformation. If you have a parochial school there is a lot going on with budgets and staff, preparing classrooms, ordering curriculum and so on. Many of the summer vacations are coming to an end and now is the time to get busy.

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing really. That is if nothing has really changed in your church and community compared to last year.

But perhaps you are wanting to do some really serious planning at your church. You’ve noticed that your worship attendance has dropped off a bit. You’ve seen fewer children in Sunday school. Your offerings have not risen in the last five years. In fact they have gone down slightly. Many haven’t even noticed yet some of your faithful leaders have begun to meet with the pastor and are starting to ask some hard questions about what’s going on. You’re quietly asking each other in the meeting questions about marketing the church, contemporary worship, hospitality events and concerts and things that will attract newcomers to your property. It’s a bit scary.

So what’s wrong with this picture? Nothing really. That is if it is correct to assume what you are assuming.

To read the rest of Scott’s article, click on: Avoiding Fatal Planning Flaws.

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