The Church Online Platform Enables Your Congregation to Launch an Online Outreach Ministry offers the Church Online Platform which is a free tool to help you launch an online ministry. It removes the barrier of technology so churches everywhere can reach the people they are uniquely equipped to reach. Online ministry has helped churches reach people around the world and engage with them in ways that weren’t possible before.

  • Taking the Gospel to places we wouldn’t be able to go physically.
  • Reaching people who can’t or won’t attend church in a building.
  • Giving people an anonymous way to investigate questions about God.

Lives are transformed through online ministry … people who were feeling empty and without hope; people who were confused, lonely, and seeking; people who have turned away from dangerous decisions and destructive patterns. A wide variety of people show up at Church Online, and typically the community there could be described in four segments:

  • Distant: people who are outside the physical reach of the Church
  • Curious: people who would prefer to explore their interest in spirituality in an online context
  • Mobile: people who are a part of our church, but are looking for an option     to worship together because they are traveling or displaced
  • Digital: people who prefer to experience much of their community in an online context

Interacting with your guests is an essential part of online ministry. Features like moderation and real-time translation into more than 50 languages help you create a positive and welcoming chat environment. Your team and guests can reach out to others in their networks (and beyond) with built-in social sharing tools using Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and email. The Church Online Platform includes localization for different languages in its development planning so the platform can be quickly translated and used for the native language of your community. It is currently being launched with English and Spanish, and other languages will be added in the future. The Church Online Platform is entirely free. There’s nothing to install, and no monthly fee. You will need a media streaming provider, and the media component works with any organization you choose. To determine if the Church Online Platform is right for you, visit: “Is it for us?”

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