The Catacombs of Consumption!

The following thought is from a book by Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford, Right Here Right Now: Everyday Mission for Everyday People, Baker Books, 2011, p. 139, 142


“Labelled by some as catacombs of consumption, there are currently over 52,000 self-storage locations in the United States with revenue of over 23 billion dollars.  With the fastest rate of growth in commercial real estate, it is an industry more profitable than Hollywood. One in ten American families rents self-storage units. Storage units have become the “spare tire” around the waistline of American consumption.  Just imagine the needs that could be met with the disbursement of our stored stuff and the money saved on storage rental if we would abandon our addiction to stuff and adapt the practices of God’s kingdom economics.”  …

“It has become hard for most Christians in the West to dream missionally, much less discern God’s marching orders for their lives because they are so tied to the kingdom of the present age that their minds are numb to his Word.  As Vincent Miller says, ‘The abstraction inherent in consumer desire absorbs not only our ability to determine how much is enough but also our ability to engage the needs of others.’”

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