The BC Mission Boat Brings God’s Word of Hope to British Columbia Coastal Communities

BC Mission Boat In The Compass, the Spring newsletter of the BC Mission Boat, BC Mission Boat Director Marcus Huff tells the story of the “Night Watchman” in the community of Klemtu.

John is the “Night Watchman”. In the dark hours of the night, John walks the streets and paths of the community, watching over the community while many sleep. John also serves as the community’s minister. Marcus tells of John’s conversion and life as a Christian:

John’s testimony of coming to faith is one that he shares with great joy and to which he holds fast. For him, it truly is a situation of death and life, because if it wasn’t for his new life in Christ, he might not be with us today. Stuck in a life of addictions and a broken marriage, he was beaten down and lost. Yet, in the midst of all this, God sent a missionary to his house, and despite John’s efforts to dodge him, the missionary continued to return — day after day, sometimes weeks or months later in fact, but he kept coming back. It was through this relationship that John heard of the hope, freedom, love, and forgiveness available to him through Christ. Soon, John’s old life died and he started a new life born in him through Christ! He shed the life of addictions, sought to restore his relationship with his family, became a father to his three children, and began spending daily time in prayer and the Bible. It’s an amazing narrative and one that still continues to this day.

If you want to read more about John and the amazing work of the BC Mission Boat, please click on: Boat.

The BC Mission Boat requests your prayers and your participation in their mission efforts by participating on a team and by contributing financially to the mission.

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