The “Jesus Christ Lizard” Provides Witnessing Opportunity in Macau

The following story comes from: The Official Mission Blog of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.   This story was shared by Alissa Asmus, who serves as a GEO* missionary in Macau. You can download Alissa’s prayer card at the LCMS Mission blog site.


“While teaching here, I have paid classes and free classes. The paid classes are to help keep the center running financially so that my job here is possible. My classes have started full swing! I am on my fourth week with most of my students, and it is exciting to keep getting to know them better! The free classes are twice a week, and during these, we teach from the Bible. Tuesday nights are more of a class using the Bible, and Friday nights are more of a Bible Study.

“During some of my paid classes, we recently learned about animals in the rainforest. We learned about the anaconda, the frilled lizard, and the basilisk. The basilisk was the most interesting, though, because it is nicknamed the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard.’ The reason for that is that the basilisk can walk on water. Teaching about this allowed me to explain the nickname to the kids Jesus Christ walked on water! We were able to talk about God’s awesome power because of a lizard. Isn’t that cool how there are so many ways to bring God into a conversation?

“In the free classes, some fun things have been happening. I made a friend one day while riding in the elevator, and that friend has started coming to the free class. This person is not a Christian, and at first was very hesitant to come because of this, but has come every free class so far! I don’t know what God has in store for this friend, but please pray that God works in His on way to bring this friend of mine to the knowledge and belief of Jesus Christ as Lord and King! What a blessing to be able to share His Gospel with friends!”

*Note: GEO missionaries are globally engaged in outreach and serve in locations around the globe for one- to two-year terms.

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