Some Sobering Thoughts About Cohabitation

cohabThe majority of people in North America practice cohabitation before they enter into marriage … if they get married at all.  Bowling Green State University sociologist Karen Guzzo has conducted extensive research on cohabitation and her findings are causing many people to rethink the value of cohabiting … especially if your goal is to get married.

Scott Stanley of the Institute for Family Studies reviews Guzzo’s research. Combining her study results with the Institute’s studies, Stanley observes,

  • “All types of cohabiting couples have become more likely than in the past to break up or not transition into marriage.”
  • “Moving in together is becoming less and less likely to lead to having a future together.”
  • “Cohabitation seems to be moving toward being, unambiguously, a form of dating with no implications about the odds of marrying.”

If you want to read Stanley’s article, “Moving In and Moving On: Cohabitation is Less Likely Than Ever to Lead to Marriage” visit: Family Studies.

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