Some Resources to Help with Sharing the Christian Faith Concerning “Life Issues”

Lutherans for LifeLutherans for Life provide invaluable resources for understanding complex life issues (from a biblical perspective) and for helping Christians speak intelligently on life issues to other people.  Check out the Lutherans for Life website, but here are some resources you might find helpful:

Speaking of the Inconceivable – A Closer Look at Suicide’s Stigma: Author Rev. Peter Preus writes, in this very personal reflection, “When my wife took her life, I wasn’t as straightforward as I might be. I’d rather say something about her depression than mention that disturbing word that starts with an ‘s.’ I was affected in a major way by suicide’s stigma. Most people regard suicide as inconceivable. ‘How could he do such a thing?’ they ask. The stigma of suicide does not operate by a sense of understanding or compassion. Rather it targets those who have committed suicide and those who have had thoughts of suicide.”  To learn more about suicide and how to respond, you will want to get a copy (copies!) of this brochure.

The Other End of Life — “The Other End of Life,” with Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, takes a look at end-of-life issues. Key Concept: God gives life value and purpose and decides the time of our death. Gospel Focus: Christ’s victory over death and the grave makes death a gain and makes life meaningful. “The Other End of Life” is part of the “Equipping the Saints” series of DVDs being produced by Lutherans For Life.

Life News is a monthly bulletin insert with life issue news, great quotes, facts and stats, and an encouraging devotion. Life News is a great way to keep your church informed on life issues all year long! Life News is available as a free, reproducible, PDF.

Mark your calendars! The 2013 National Lutherans For Life Conference is scheduled for November 8-9 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Urbandale, Iowa (Des Moines). The theme is L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith Every Day). Confirmed speakers include: Steve Deace, nationally syndicated radio talk show host; Rev. Matt Harrison, president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; Linda Bartlett, Titus 2 for Life and past president of Lutherans For Life; Jenny Farrell on post-abortion healing; Rev. Peter Preus on dealing with suicide; John Talley on religious freedom; Laura Davis on L.I.F.E. with youth; Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb on L.I.F.E. around the world. You will want to revisit the Lutherans for Life website for more information when it is available!

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