Solas Alive — A Way to Share the Gospel with your Social Media Contacts

What is Solas Alive?

Solas Alive has been developed so that Christians can use their social media to connect with others who may not know about Jesus Christ and connect them with basic information about Christianity and ways to connect with the Christian community.

How does is work?

Using their social media accounts (Facebook, websites, email) individuals and congregations invite their contacts to view the Solas Alive videos.  These videos are themed around Solas of Luther’s Reformation (Grace alone; Faith alone; Scripture alone) and use humour, or though-provoking dialogue in an effort to pique the interest of the viewer. When the person goes to the supporting webpages they will find information on the basics of the Christian faith, links to additional resources, congregational search tools and the opportunity to ask questions.

Where can I find out more? Visit: Solas.

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