Singing a New Song!

What do music and Scripture translation have in common?  

Bible translation is more than about translation work.  As important as it is to translate God’s Word into the “heart” language of people; it is equally important to teach them how to read the language as it is developed and to enable them to use the Scripture in their day-to-day life. 

One way the Scripture is used in people’s day-to-day life and their worship life is through composing music that is appropriate to the context. Rob Veith, of Lutheran Bible Translators, is working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone (ELCSL) musicians to compose and record music for worship in the Krio language.  In order to read more about how music and Bible translation are interconnected, click on the following link:

You might be someone who has the gift of music. You might want to consider how your gift of music can be used to help people sing a new song – both locally and abroad.  To explore the international possibilities, contact: Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada or Lutheran Bible Translators (USA).

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