Shaping Culture: What Rocks Go in Next? — Rev. Scott Gress

rocksRev. Scott Gress writes,

What Rocks Come Next (After getting the Gospel right)?

After getting the “Big Rocks” of the gospel into the jar (in the illustration of trying to get rocks, stones, pebbles, sand and water into the jar) then you go for the next largest sized rocks. It’s a priority thing. So what comes next?

Another way to put it is this: In our lives, if by God’s grace you are a believer that Jesus did this for you, then you will join Him in heaven one day. What then should we do between Jesus first coming and His second, and between our being saved by grace and our entering heaven? Should we kill time? If God so loved the world that He would send His only Son Jesus, then that mission to save the world through Jesus is God’s BIG ROCK.

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