Shaping Culture: Checking the Homework?

hateshomeworkRev. Scott Gress continues his discussion concerning evaluating your congregational culture:

Shaping culture requires checking the homework.

When you were a child you no doubt had school homework. Homework. The word itself can raise your blood pressure. Who wants homework? No one! But why do teachers assign homework anyway? The lesson needs to be engrained and learned. It needs to be engrained into the student’s brain. Homework is assigned and homework is turned in and homework is graded. The wise student then reviews where they made their mistakes and learns from them.

Do we do that in the church? How do we assign homework? How do we do the homework? How do we turn it in, check it and review our mistakes and also what we did right? If at all it is not done very often or very well. But shaping culture requires checking the homework.

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