Serving with Joy (S.W.J): An Evangelism Tool

Serving with Joy is an outreach connector developed by Lutheran Hour Ministries — Canada in response to requests for every-day evangelism tools. The idea is to provide people you meet, in what may be very brief and casual encounters, with an invitation to find out more about the joy we have because Jesus first loved and served us.

Look for opportunities to do small helpful tasks for somebody. Do them cheerfully and when the task is done hand them a card (that you have put your name on) and say “Here’s my card. It was my Joy to Serve You because Jesus first served me.” (See 1 John 4:19)

If the person is intrigued by your smile, your action and the message on the card, they may use the Serving with Joy Quick-Response code or go to to find out more. On the SWJ website they will find links to basic information about the Christian faith and a tool to find a local Lutheran congregation.

SWJ cards are available through the Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada.  The cards are free.

You can find out more about this initiative by visiting: Serving with Joy.

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