Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn Are Preparing to Serve as LBTC Missionaries in Cameroon

Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn are working on developing partnerships with Lutheran congregations and individual members of congregations. 

The Kuhn’s are currently preparing for their project at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, BC. They expect to start their first term in the field in the first half of 2013.

The following information comes from the Kuhn’s webpage:

Q. Where are you going?
A. A village called Galimin Cameroon, Africa.

Q. Who are you working with?
A. We will be working with a people group who speak a language called Nizaa.

Q. What is the area like?
A. Galim is situated on what is called the Adamawa plateau. It is a bit less humid (and has fewer mosquitoes!) than the coastal cities since it is further inland and at a higher elevation. No unrest that we know of in the area for quite some time.

Q. Are you going to start learning the language now?
A. There is not much formal study we could start now, as there are no Nizaa textbooks, classrooms, or speakers around that we know of. The first few years overseas will be dedicated to learning the language.

Q. What kind of project is it?
A. Mike will be overseeing a translation of the New Testament.

Q. What is the commitment and timeline?
A. A rough estimate would say 10-12 years for the project. We will be in Pitt Meadows finishing up studies until August 2012, then we’ll head out on the road for partnership development, and could potentially take off for Cameroon in early 2013.

For more information about the Kuhn’s please visit their webpage.  If you would like to have the Kuhn’s make a presentation at your congregation, please call Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada at: 1-519-742-3361.

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