Reserve the Last Sunday in April for Hands-on Outreach

The Men’s Network of Lutheran Hour Ministries is encouraging you to participate in the sixth annual Men’s Network WORK DAY on Saturday, April 28.  It’s a day that you go off your church campuses and into the your local neighbourhoods and communities to help those in need.

In the past, men’s groups have set their hand to yard and landscaping work; Habitat for Humanity builds; trail clean-ups; building handicapped ramps; school and community park projects; helping seniors — those who have lost their spouses or are confined to their homes.

Go to WORKDAY to find out more about this WORK DAY.  There you will find a customizable flyer to post your project; a link to a Facebook page dedicated to WORK DAY; bulletin inserts to create interest at your church. There are even project suggestions if your group is stumped on what to do.

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