Refugee Reality Check

syrianCanada and CLWR are preparing to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees over the coming months. But the reality for most of the 620,000 refugees living in Jordan is that they will not be resettled in the near future. They live with the hope that peace will prevail, and many wish to return to Syria one day.

Until then, refugee families continue struggling to meet their needs, including making sure their children get an education. While the government of Jordan has generously allowed Syrian refugee students full access to the public school system, facilities are stretched and classrooms are crowded—things that don’t contribute to a positive learning environment.

That’s where you come in. With a gift of $20,  you can help makeover these schools. And the Canadian government will match your gift.

The makeovers include fixing doors, windows, electrical circuits, and plumbing…doing the things that will help the kids focus on learning.

While we will welcome our new neighbours from Syria and make them feel at home in Canada, we can’t forget those who are still exiled from their country because of war and in whom we can help keep hope alive.

You can support Syrian refugee students with a donation at

Note: The Administrator of “Go!” is a member of the CLWR Board of Directors.

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