Reaching Out to Muslims: The Dos and the Don’ts

reachacross_logoReachAcross is a Christian organization dedicated to helping Muslims follow Jesus. A brochure ReachAcross has produced describes the things you should do and shouldn’t do when trying to reach Muslim.  Today’s posting is dedicated to the “Dos.”

  • Be polite, hospitable, and mindful of their customs. Dress modestly. Women should never wear shorts and men should wear long trousers.
  • Remember that Muslims do not eat pork, ham, bacon, or any other non-halal meat, nor do they drink alcohol.  Other things that are unclean for them: dogs (keep them out of your house if Muslims are present) and the left hand (always pass food with your right hand.)
  • Be sensitive about gender interactions.  For example, a woman should not be seen to be forward with a man. Similarly, a man should address the husband, and not the wife.
  • Share genuine love and friendship. Muslims will quickly see through an insincere friendship built for the sole purpose of evangelizing them. Instead, show genuine care, concern, and interest for them as a person.
  • Take off your shoes when entering a Muslim home, and never show the soles of your feet, as this is an offense.
  • Distinguish between Christianity and ‘the West.’ Make a clear distinction between a life that is truly committed to Christ, and the materialistic, amoral lifestyle that is often perceived by them to be synonymous with Christianity.  Don’t be defensive, be gracious and patient with any misperceptions they may have, you probably have some about Islam too! Be graciously open about, and acknowledge the mistakes of the Church, and Christians historically.

Visit the ReachAcross website for more information and news concerning outreach to Muslim people.

Next Friday’s post: “The Don’ts”

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