Reaching Out to Muslims: The Dos and the Don’ts

reachacross_logoReachAcross is a Christian organization dedicated to helping Muslims follow Jesus. A brochure ReachAcross has produced describes the things you should do and shouldn’t do when trying to reach Muslim.  Last week’s posting focused on the “Dos.”  Today’s posting focuses on the “Don’ts”.

  • Never tell a Muslim what she/he believes.  Don’t state as fact what you think all Muslims believe, or what the Qur’an really means.
  • Never tell a Muslim that the origin of ‘Allah’ is the worship of a moon god.
  • Never argue over whether Muslims believe in the same God as Christians do.  … Rather than debate whether you believe in the same God as they do, why not just try to point Muslims to Jesus, and do so in inviting and loving ways?
  • Never insult Muhammad. That is like telling someone their mother is a prostitute.
  • Never describe Islam as [a]form of works righteousness.  Muslims tend to believe that ‘salvation’ is contingent on both right belief and right action.
  • Never tells Muslims what the Qur’an says.
  • Never assume that you know what Muslims are like.  Muslims are unique individuals.  Talk to them; get to know them.
  • Never assume that all Muslim women experience themselves as oppressed.  Many converts to Islam in the West are upper-middle class, educated, Caucasian women, who say that they have experienced liberation within Islam and by wearing hijab.
  • Never assume that Muslims are empty vessels into which you need to pour knowledge.  Muslims are bright, valuable people, too. They have minds and the ability to reason. Many think deeply about their faith, and are curious about yours. Interact with them without being condescending or treating them as though they are little children.
  • Never interact with Muslims as if you were a professor giving a lecture. Don’t act as if you know it all, as though they are a project, as if they are an object for your outreach strategy, or as they are exotic creatures.  Be real, and let them be real, too.

Visit the ReachAcross website for more information and news concerning outreach to Muslim people.

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