Proclaiming the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth: The Preparation for the Lord’s Return

Through the mission the church must do nothing less than prepare for the arrival of Jesus. The end can only come when the message of the Kingdom is proclaimed to all nations as a sign over them (Matt. 24:14). Therefore the Holy Ghost leads the church step by step into the mission to the heathen as a fact of the last times and thus prepares for the arrival of Jesus. Missio is now the activity of the exalted Lord between His ascension and His return. Thus the church has but one assignment: to carry forward the history of salvation through the proclamation of the Perfect One and through the announcement of His kingdom in the gathering of His congregation, ‘until He comes.’ (p. 42)

From: The Mission of God: An Introduction to a Theology of Mission by Georg F. Vicedom. Translated by Gilbert A. Thiele and Dennis Hilgendorf. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1965, p. 42

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