Planting the Missional Church: A Distance Learning Course

church planting 2The Center for United States Missions is offering a Distance Learning Course for people engaged in birthing a new church.  The Connections E-Newsletter (May 25, 2014) reports:

Planting the Missional Church is a 10-week distance-learning course that is more than a webinar. This course trains church planters in the fine art of planting a new church that is biblically sound and reaches people in their own context. The course includes regular conversations with a mentor, Rev. Michael R. Ruhl, who engages the Church Planter in the development and implementation of a dynamic Mission Initiation Plan (MIP) for the new church plant.


If you are a Church Planter – or know of a Church Planter in your District – who is eager to immerse in the missiological principles of church planting, who is ready to receive training in ‘best practices’ for church planting under any number of church planting models, and who can be blessed by plugging in to this type of training right from where you live (no travel costs or time away from your ministry), then Planting the Missional Church is for you!  


The online orientation for Planting the Missional Church is scheduled to begin July 14. 

Register to join this cohort of Planting the Missional Church through the Center for United States Missions website. Simply click  here.


The cohort of Church Planters in the Planting the Missional Church will have opportunities to interact with one another (peer coaching) and with the course facilitator, Rev. Michael R. Ruhl, Director of Mission Training at the Center for United States Missions.  You may contact him at for more information.


Pricing for the online course: 

Planters from Church Planting Partners – $900

Non-Partners – $1800

Seminary, SMP and EIIT students – $195


Planting the Missional Church is accessed through the blackboard distance-learning site of Concordia University in Irvine, California. A password to the blackboard site is issued to the church planter after registration for the course.  


Registration is open until July 1.  

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