Overcoming the Language Barrier to Share the Gospel

In every Canadian province or territory, in every city, there are people for whom English or French isn’t their first language. According to the most recent census information, the foreign born population in Canada surged to a reported 6.8 million people.  For example: it is reported that 675,000 people living in Canada speak Chinese; 410,000 speak Spanish; 328,000 speak Arabic; 211,000 speak Portuguese; 191,000 speak Polish; 172,000 speak Urdu; and 170,000 speak Persian (Farsi/Dari).

Few of the new immigrants are practicing Christians. Many are Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu; others hold on to their traditional religions of spirit or ancestor worship.  They are waiting for someone to bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Canadian Christians have desired to evangelise these new people groups but the language barrier has hindered their ability to do so.

Lutheran Heritage Foundation assists Christians in overcoming the language barrier. This organization has printed more than 700 titles in 85 languages and these books are available at no cost to the churches and individuals who need them. Some of the printed publications include: Martin Luther’s Small Catechism; the Lutheran Book of Concord, A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories, Sunday School workbooks, devotions, and tracts. Just recently, LHF has made Martin Luther’s Small Catechism available in the Arabic language.

To see a list of publications to date, visit the LHF website.

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