Online Mission Trip 2018: Cambodia — It’s Time to Register!

Lutheran Hour Ministries is excited to announce that the southeast Asian nation of Cambodia is the destination of its seventh annual international Online Mission Trip. The “trip” to Cambodia will be available to Lutheran schools across North America beginning January 22-26, 2018.  This experience is perfect for many different audiences. You can use the online Mission Trip content yourself and share it with other groups such as friends, home schools, people in your church and anyone else.

When your school registers for Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Online Mission Trip, students will:

  • Get to know LHM staff and volunteers in an overseas community and see how they work to share the Good News with people throughout their country;
  • Be immersed in a new culture and learn fascinating facts of day-to-day life while seeing the importance of relationship-building and holistic outreach in the spread of the Gospel;
  • Learn how their involvement through prayer and their designated chapel offerings can help “make disciples of all nations!”

Make plans to “journey” to Cambodia with its unique culture, fascinating history, amazing wildlife, and exciting ways to share Jesus. More information about the mission trip to Cambodia, including registration information for Lutheran schools, is available at: Cambodia.

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