Nicaragua: It’s no longer safe for Lutheran Church — Canada to send mission teams and other representatives to Nicaragua

The following is a message from the Lutheran Church-Canada Committee on Missions & Social Ministry Services:

Dear faithful friends of the Lord’s work in Nicaragua

It is with deep regret that we inform you of a dire circumstance with Iglesia Luterana Sinod de Nicaragua (ILSN) and the Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) Mission Centre in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

You may already be aware of the social unrest in this nation. Many international NGOs are reporting abuses and the statistics continue to climb in a way that is out of character for the Nicaraguan people.

Late on May 29, Rev President Marvin of ILSN and Mr Robert Jose Zepeda, Director of the Mission Centre, advised LCC that they no longer view it safe for LCC to send mission teams and other representative to Nicaragua, due to the escalating unrest and uncertainty. Their wish was “to suspend any visit to Nicaragua until the situation improves and security is given to visitors.”

Both Global Affairs Canada and the US Department of State are recommending that non-essential travel be avoided due to the unrest.

LCC and its Committee for Missions and Social Ministry Services wishes to keep you informed as the situation develops. We appreciate our partners such as your organization who have for many years helped us to grow with ILSN through God’s grace and abundance. Now we may require assistance in other ways as Rev Marvin may identify in the near future. We ask you to pray for the restoration of peace and remain on stand-by with us as we await God’s guidance, and updates from ILSN.

For more details please contact LCC Rev President Timothy Teuscher at

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