New Lutheran Hour Ministry Radio Presence is Realized in the Middle East

Lutheran Hour Ministries reports in The Lutheran Layman (November-December 2011) that a new radio program began in the Arab world on October 31, 2011.    Greg Koenig writes, “Programming begun on that day by Middle East Lutheran Ministries (the Lutheran Hour Ministries’ office in Beirut, Lebanon), includes broadcasting Arabic-language Christian productions that will reach the following predominately Muslim countries – Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, northern Sudan, and of course Lebanon.  Middle East Lutheran Ministries will write and produce one original program that will air weekly, as well as shorter spots that will air twice daily to advertise the regular program and offer enrollment in Bible Correspondence Courses.”

Koenig, quotes Eric Gates, the LHM area counselor for Africa and the Middle East, as saying, “Our expectation is that young adults and university students will comprise the majority of the listeners, and radio is still the most effective medium for reaching them.  About 73 percent of adults aged 18-35 in the region listen regularly to radio programs, and a radio signal can still cross borders and enter the privacy of the home in cultures that are closed to traditional Christian evangelism.”

Please pray for this outreach work and to learn more about Middle East Lutheran Ministries, visit:

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