Neighboring – Part 2: Three Reasons for Defining an Effective Ministry Area

thWhat is an “Effective Ministry Area” (EMA)? Why is it advantageous to a congregation’s outreach efforts to define an Effective Ministry Area?  In the Center for United States Missions, Mission Moments (March 1, 2015), Gary Roberts provides three reasons for defining an Effective Ministry Area:

  1. Establishing an EMA recognizes that each person in our neighborhood is of unsurpassable worth to God (and therefore to us) and worthy of our time and attention.
  2. Establishing an EMA provides opportunity to make relationships with neighbors with whom we share common community experience.
  3. Establishing an EMA that commits us to the well-being of every person who lives within its boundaries helps church leaders not to pre-select those to whom we will listen and minister.  It combats the tendency to not listen to people and groups we in some way find offensive or with whom we just plain differ.

To read Robert’s article in its entirety, please click on the following link: “Effective Ministry Area”.

NOTE: The first article in this series was posted on “Go!” on March 25, 2015.

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