Narrow Escape from Terrorism: Pray for Christians (and Non-Christians) in Iraq

IraqThe following excerpt is from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada (July 2015, p. 11). A refugee from Iraq, Mazen, speaks of the conditions Christians endure in Iraq. To read Mazen’s interview, click on: “Escape”.

When we went to church for Christmas services, Muslims would throw stones at us in the courtyard after the service.┬áMany times, bearded Islamic fundamentalists would go into a church to threaten the priest or pastor, demanding that he ‘take down the crosses ….’ If the ministry leader didn’t oblige, the church would be┬ábombed. People could even be killed in their cars by gas-bombs; burned alive because they were non-Muslims or Christians. No one was permitted to touch dead bodies afterwards, or they themselves would risk being killed.

When I saw these tragedies, they reminded me that Jesus was treated in the same way, and yet He never took revenge. I would see Him with eyes of faith whenever I saw these tragedies, My love for Him grew deeper and deeper. …

Please pray for the peace of Iraq, and that freedom of speech and religion will be granted to the people. May the Word of God be preached freely so many will have the opportunity of hearing the Gospel message and receiving eternal salvation. Please also remember the country’s remaining Christians as they endure tremendous hardships. In spite of these challenges, may they remain strongly united as one in Christ … continuing to trust Him for their every need.

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