“Move on … You’re Not Allowed to Distribute Bibles Here”

GideonsThose words were not spoken in China or a Muslim-dominated country.  Those words, “Move on … you’re not allowed to distribute Bibles here” were spoken to Gideons handing out Bibles to students in the Naples, Florida area.

As you may, or may not know, Gideons are persona non grata in North American public schools. Formerly, Gideons were allowed to distribute Bibles to all students. Then, the rules began to change, and Gideons were allowed to hand out a “Bible request form” and those students requesting a Bible, received one. Then, this practice was discontinued and the Gideons were told they could hand out Bibles off school campus, but they had to locate their booth a certain distance from the school.  Now, at least, in Naples, Florida, this Gideon group was told by an officer of the law that they could not hand out Bibles to students unless the students first go home and then return for the Bibles.  The officer told this group:  “Move on … you’re not allowed to distribute Bibles here.”

“Go!” often highlights persecution and other acts of injustice against Christians in various regions of the world and certainly Christians in North America are not enduring the brutish brutality experienced by our Christian brothers and sisters in countries like Iraq, North Korea, northern Nigeria, and Syria (just to name a few!), but the reality is that Christians in North American are facing increasingly aggressive acts of persecution from people opposed to Christianity.  From Gideons being told to “move on” … to homosexual people suing and bullying Christians who are exercising their constitutional religious rights by refusing to provide their services to homosexuals (see Fox News for one example) … to Christian universities (like Trinity Western, Langley, BC) facing opposition from law societies as they plan to launch a law program, North American Christians are being vilified, persecuted, and bullied and in need of our prayers.

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