More ‘Wood’ than People? — Part 4 by Rev. Scott Gress

“Go!” is posting Rev. Scott Gress’ blog series, “More ‘Wood’ than People?” Here is the fourth installment:

You’ve started small. Morewood4

The ladies society made cookies for the police department on valentines day and they are thinking of doing the same thing for the fire department on Easter. A few are even talking about a “thank you” spaghetti dinner for both. Those who delivered them shared in church how the dispatcher had a shocked look on his face and the captain came out and practically had tears in his eyes. Someone wrote a note that said how grateful they were for their service and pray for them daily. Then you read the thank you note in church and for the first time in a long time you felt good about who you were as a church. People were smiling and talking about it afterward.

What’s the next step?

To read the rest of the article and learn about the next steps, visit: More Wood than People?: Part 4.

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