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I AM: The Statements of Jesus

At the burning bush, Yahweh told Moses, “I AM WHO I AM” (Ex 3:14). Jesus’ “I Am” statements during His earthly ministry showed His connection to Yahweh. In these five spiritual reflections, we will explore who Jesus says He is in connection to God the Father and in His connection to us.

Stress & Worry in the Life of a Christian

This course explores stress and worry: the causes, effects and strategies to manage them. It will equip you through God’s Word to look to Him as the source of strength. At the end of this course, you will carry out intentional actions to manage your own stress or worry and also reach out with Christian support to someone who is dealing with stress or worry.

Love Came Down

In Love Came Down, we see how the heavenly Father spared nothing—not even His own Son—to work out our salvation. Though we had rebelled in our sins and spurned God and His Commandments, He chose us—not for exclusion, but redemption. The Father’s love sought us out in our perilous condition and, in His infinite mercy, bridged the divide to our isolation through Jesus—the one Mediator between God and Man.

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