Miss[ion]ing Kids — A Free Mission U Webinar

Mission UOn the average 20-30% of USA town populations are children & youth under the age of 18. Are these kids in your mission and ministry plans?

What would it look like if your congregation sees Children’s Ministry as mission and your work with kids as discipleship leading to mission? What if every adult and child was understood to be a disciple going out to the nations? What if we thought of ourselves as serving in a foreign land and learning the native tongue so the people [kids] have the chance to become followers of Jesus Christ?

The next special speaker series webinar is scheduled for Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. CDT. The presentation by Craig Oldenburg, Director of Christian Education, will focus on Miss[ion]ing Kids.  As it gets closer to the seminar, you will want to visit: Mission U webinar in order to find out how to connect to the webinar.

Some of the key thoughts for the webinar will be:

· Laying foundations which are better predictors of kids having faith and acting on it when they are young adults.

· An introduction to speaking Quad-lingually: Entry points for facilitators of faith formation

· A serious look at faith apprehension and faith comprehension

The Special Speaker Series is a series of monthly Webinars featuring an expert speaker in a particular area of evangelism or outreach. He or she will provide in-depth training on sharing the Gospel within a certain cultural or social context or to a specific group.

This live, interactive training webinar provides viewers with ample time to ask specific questions of the special speaker. It is available to both MISSION U students and to visitors at no cost.

Past Mission U webinars are archived and can be accessed at any time and used in congregational settings. You are encouraged to check out the archived webinars!

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